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Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

The ESOS Regulations 2014 are the UK Government implementation of Article 8 of the European Commission’s Energy Efficiency Directive. The purpose is to cut carbon emissions by requiring large UK enterprises to identify and report energy usage and recognise energy reduction measures. ESOS is a mandatory scheme and should not be dismissed as just another carbon tax – it is, in fact an opportunity for making tangible financial savings. Large enterprises must declare compliance to ESOS by December 5, 2015, or risk significant financial penalties. The scheme will be administered by the Environment Agency.

ESOS is mandatory for all large UK undertakings and administered by the Environment Agency.  A large undertaking is a UK company or corporate group (Ltd., Plc., trust, partnership, unincorporated association, not for profit) or the UK operation of an International company.


ESOS as an Opportunity

ESOS is an opportunity for businesses to put in place energy efficiency measures that will ultimately save money and raise the profile of the business. ESOS is neither a carbon tax nor a transparency initiative. The energy audit process lays out recommendations for energy-saving changes that can offset (and often exceed) the initial ESOS cost. It is estimated that a £5K audit could identify savings worth £120,000, and a £50K audit could identify savings worth £1.2m.

Areas of Consideration

Your undertaking will need to account for a minimum of 90% of your energy usage. You will need to measure, report and analyse the energy for:


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Routes to Compliance

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ESOS Vs ISO50001

There are two approached to ESOS Compliance: undertaking ESOS audits or obtaining ISO 50001 certification for the whole of the organisation. We can provide both routes to compliance and so you can choose your preferred route once we have outlined the pros and cons for each.

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Penalties s

Choosing your ESOS Partner


ESOS Lead Assessors must have the appropriate training and be accredited and part of an official register of professionals approved by the Environment Agency.

  • A Lead Assessor is an expert who will help you ensure compliance with the scheme.
  • A Lead Assessor must be appointed to review and audit the chosen route to compliance.
  • A Lead Assessor must be qualified, accredited and a member of an official register of professionals approved by the Environment Agency.
  • Lead Assessors can be used to project manage your assessment, or just to audit and sign off your compliance.

Sector Experience:

Understanding of particular industries will be key to effectively assessing and auditing for ESOS as the scheme will affect each sector differently. Each assessment needs to be tailored to the business concerned with a full appreciation of what energy savings opportunities are realistic and appropriate.

Trusted and Proven capabilities:

ESOS is a brand new and landmark scheme and there are many companies exploiting the opportunity. We are Lead Assessors with experience in this sector, who have auditing and assessing experience in energy efficiency.

Costs towards Compliance

The costs to compliance will vary depending on the type and complexity of a business. Typical single site businesses with high turnover, low staff numbers and limited complexity could see an ESOS assessment costing as little as £5,000 + VAT. Whereas a multi-site engineering business with significant staff numbers, large transport costs could see compliant assessments costing upwards of £50,000.

How to Comply


ESOS is administered by the Environment Agency who are funded solely by licences and penalty awards.

If you do not comply to the ESOS Regulations 2014, your company name and details of your non-compliance will be published on the Environment Agency website which is publically accessible.  As well as this, financial penalties will be enforced:

Greenoke ESOS Services

Greenoke (ESOS) Ltd can provide a range of services to enable you to comply with ESOS in time for the compliance deadline of 5 December 2015:

  • ESOS workshops to raise awareness among staff and management and help businesses shape their ESOS assessment plan.
  • ESOS Assessment – we can carry out the initial assessment for your business, collecting and interpreting data and developing the initial recommendations and preparing the compliance reports for audit.
  • ESOS Audit and Lead Assessor signoff – If your initial assessment has been done in house, our Lead Assessors can complete the audit and compliance reporting.

ESOS Template Letter to Potential Participants